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Docage simplifies and secures

your formsyour documents generationyour documents signaturesyou day-to-day activity !


FORM generates clear forms for your interlocutors to enter the information that interests you


DOC merges your contacts’ information into your document templates without any input


SIGN manages the signature, notifications and automatic reminders of all parts of your transactions

Docage FORM

Form Builder and Reliability

FORM is a simple drag-and-drop form builder. No computer knowledge is required. The fields of your form are automatically linked to the data of your contacts to complete their contact details as soon as they are filled in. Ask for a name, a telephone number, an IBAN, a subscription period for your services or any other information from your interlocutors. The information can then be consulted directly in your Docage contact database and can be used in Docage DOC and Docage SIGN.

Wasting time asking for and waiting for information for the rental of our cottage is a thing of the past

Docage DOC

Smart Text Editor

DOC is a word processor with all the essential features. You can edit a document from a blank sheet of paper or embed your existing Word documents. The particularity of DOC is to allow you to easily insert dynamic fields related to your contacts, your transactions, your organization or any other docage element. You can also choose the format of your fields (number, monetary, long or short date…). The most demanding can insert calculated fields or conditional fields. The document templates thus created will merge custom documents on demand according to the contacts to whom they are addressed or the transaction in which they will be used without your intervention.

Entering names and addresses into a document template several times a day is of no interest. Designing clear, elegant and reusable documents has much more.

Docage SIGN

Certified electronic signature path

Docage SIGN is the ideal tool to have your contracts, quotes, agreements, SEPA mandates, etc. signed electronically using an SMS code. Select your documents, provide the contact details of the signatory(s) and Docage SIGN takes care of the rest: invitation to sign by email, affixing certificates, timestamp, automatic reminders and sending signed documents to all parties.

The remote signing of the employment contracts of our seasonal workers is now settled during the day

Logo Docage Signature

C'est simple

The signatory only needs his smartphone to sign.

C'est rapide

No physical exchange, the signature is instantaneous.

C'est légal

Your signed, certified and time-stamped documents with an eIDAS qualified timestamp with Docage have a recognized legal value in Europe and the United States.

Have our employment contracts signed without asking for information from future employees to free up 38% of the time of our HR department

Logo Docage Signature

The signatory only needs his smartphone to sign.

C'est rapide

No physical exchange, the signature is instantaneous.

C'est légal

Your signed, certified and time-stamped documents with an eIDAS qualified timestamp with Docage have a recognized legal value in Europe and the United States.

The electronic signature of documents is so simple with Docage that it becomes fun!
Your signers sign without creating an account thanks to code by email or SMS.
And hop! It’s simple, fast and legal!

Savings thanks to the electronic signature

4,90 €HT the lowest subscription on the market!

Docage offers the most economical electronic signature in France and Europe with equal functionality. And Docage has only good surprises in store for you: no commitment of duration, credits do not expire, no volume of transactions is imposed. Only completed transactions are charged.

Find out in our simulator the number of documents, signatories and Docage users and find out what savings await you.

Docage’s electronic signature changes everything in your business

Processing handwritten signatures costs you dearly without you being aware of it, it is once the electronic signature is adopted that companies realize the savings and time freed up by this time-consuming task.

Professional who electronically signs a document in his chair

Plus 38 % de documents signés

The average increase for a remote signature is between 15 and 38%

Temps de traitement divisé par 10

No more prints, scans, raises, archiving. Imagine all the much more interesting things you’ll be able to do with this free time

Une sécurité juridique complète

Your documents signed, certified and time-stamped with Docage have recognized legal value in Europe and the United States.

  • A processing time divided by 10

  • Plus 38% of signed documents

  • Less ink and paper

  • No more paper archives for the originals

  • Originals still available

  • Complete security

Go even faster with the models

A model already contains the fixed signatories, the document is pre-selected, the visual signature locations are already in place, you only have to inform dynamic members (those who are not predictable in a model) and send!

Man who saves time thanks to Docage

And if you integrate Docage into your site or application…

Discover our powerful and free API

Once Docage is integrated into your software or website with our API, everything is automated. Creating contacts, transactions, downloading signed documents, will be a click away for your users. Proof by example with this integration of Docage into EBP software.

Do you have a WordPress site?

In this case you do not have to do anything, you just have to install our Docage plugin for WordPress and you can have your contracts or any other document signed within an hour! Thank you who?

Man taking off thanks to Docage

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