An electronic signature API that can be used immediately

Man who saves time thanks to Docage

Start now!

If you want to incorporate an electronic signature brick into your solution, at Docage we know you want to start and test integration now. With Docage it’s possible, create a demo account, generate your API key and you’re ready to start. Nothing more, nothing less!

The API is available for free!

The API is available for free whether with a demo account or a production account. There is no extra cost compared to the price of our interface available below.

Finally an electronic signature API designed for developers

All objects and actions of our interface are accessible with our API, yes all!

Once Docage is integrated into your software or website thanks to our API, everything is achievable. Organizations, Customers, Users, Contacts, Transactions, Credits, Filings, Documents, Emails… you can do anything. Creating contacts, transactions, downloading signed documents, will be a click away for your users. Proof by example with this integration of the Docage API into EBP software.

Man taking off thanks to Docage

Modern tools to integrate the electronic signature Docage as simply as possible

Man who saves time thanks to Docage

A POSTMAN doc that lets you start very quickly

Our documentation integrates POSTMAN to allow you to test your requests to Docage outside of your IDE, you will find the logic of Docage, our main documented routes. We provide examples of code in all languages: C, C, CURL, GO, HTTP, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, NODEJS, PHP, POWERSHELL, PYTHON, RUBY, SHELL and SWIFT. You will quickly know how to make CRUD on a contact, create a complete transaction with a single query! But also create a transaction from a template, download your signed, time-stamped and certified PDF documents or even your proof files.


On our Swagger page we list docage objects and their properties in a comprehensive way. You will also find all our methods by object and their respective endpoints.