Your company needs to attract talent

In the last few months whether you turn on your smartphone, TV, or radio, the good news is everywhere: unemployment is at its lowest. This is great news for everyone, almost everyone. Because who thinks of you who in turn have difficulty recruiting? That? Me! I thought of you and together we will try to put all the chances on your side because we have to deal with this new situation: it is now up to you to seduce the coveted talents and not the other way around.

We’ll see that it comes first through the image to get them interested in your business, then the job proposal has to be in the age of time for them to stop on your offer. And to finish the background must live up to the expectations thus raised to keep your recruits so dearly won.

So let’s start with the image conveyed by your company.

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Modern digital communication that conveys your values and know-how

The most important thing is the image you perceive from the first contact. This first contact, the vast majority of which, but I hope not to teach you anything, is done on the internet. It is this image that will make the candidates interested in you or will pass their way with a simple click.

How do you know which image your website conveys, your social media pages, your logo? Don’t rely on your or your loved ones alone. Ask people who are not close to your family and who are close to your recruitment criteria to ask them for the first words that come to mind to describe your company after showing them around your site and pages.
If among the words there are “sad,” “old school,” “old school,” “old school,” a good facelift is required before moving on. If, on the contrary, you find words like “modern,” “dynamic,” “current,” then everything is fine, we can take the next step.

Your communication must highlight your values, they are the ones that will create a link between your visitor and your company sometimes even without him being aware of it. If you tell yourself that you don’t have any particular values, do a survey this time with those who know you best: your loyal customers and especially your employees. Ask them why they chose you initially and why they continued their relationship. It will be a double opportunity to deepen the knowledge of your own company, but above all to make it a commercial lever.

So once you’ve identified it, make sure that the first survey I suggested you do brings them out. If not, review your messages here too, simplify them, put them more forward, and support them with testimonials.

An ad that makes you want

We are here on an interesting point that symbolizes the reversal of roles induced by the happy reversal of the labour market. As before, candidates for a position were constantly advised to take care of their CVs, today it is up to companies to take care of their ads.

Let’s see how:
A clear and concrete job definition: In this part, there’s no room for poetry. Your ad should contain the keywords your candidates will be looking for.
A reminder of your values: Here it’s easy, you take up the work done in the previous paragraph.
A good distribution of your ad: on your site of course, on your LinkedIn page, your pages on social networks and then 2 or 3 specialized ad sites.

Propose an innovative project

What’s new is what the best profiles are looking for first. If they are currently in office, which is often the case, they will change companies to take on a new challenge. That’s what you need to put forward. Be careful if you do not think you will be able to offer something new, I reassure you right away: the novelty is relative. Two companies that import-export cereals will offer new products to the competitor’s employees if they work with different countries. An Alsatian carpenter will offer something new to a Basque carpenter. The trick is to carefully read your foal’s CV to detect the differences with his old posts and present them from the point of view of novelty by highlighting only the positive points of your solutions or techniques.

A company where you feel good

Bravo! You have taken all the previous steps brilliantly and now here are the first interviews that are being prepared. The game is not won, you will have to answer questions from your candidates. Because if your ad has seduced them, either you are at the top of their list and they will want to reassure themselves about their choice, or you are a challenger and you will have to be more convincing than the other recruiters or the current employer of your nugget if it is still in office.

Here are the things that will make the difference, especially if you check them all, otherwise try to respect as many as possible because today every employee needs meaning in his work. It’s an element that even supersedes the salary, so let’s go, let’s see if your business is sexy.

Gender equality

Gender equality is a passionate topic: many executives refuse to acknowledge that their company is concerned. Yet objective markers exist to measure equal pay or statutory equality. As of March 1, 2020,the Gender Equal Pay Index is mandatory, it must be calculated and published on your website. You can find all the information to calculate it on the official government simulator page. Neglecting this factor means ensuring that you do not receive the most talented women. Ensuring that all men and women enjoy the same benefits and are treated the same, so that everyone finds their rightful place regardless of gender, is beneficial for the well-being of your employees and the cohesion of your teams. But it is also a factor in attracting women, and men sensitive to the subject, by communicating either about the measures you have put in place or will be putting in place.

A healthy relationship with your customers

How is it that the profiles I’m looking for don’t meet my offer despite the interest of the position and the comfortable salary that goes with it? Perhaps you have overlooked an essential point: your future employees are or have been a customer, or know one of your customers. If your customer relationship is bad, the talents will not apply because today, even if they have not been personally affected by a bad experience, they will when they search for your business stumble on forums where the bad testimonials can cut off any desire for collaboration.
Again, I can only advise you too much to anticipate and carry out this research yourself or if you are serene on this point, take the opportunity to make it an asset and why not put in place a policy of harvesting active customer testimonials. Your company will be even more attractive for a future candidate who will feel valued to join this beautiful company whose customers are full of praise on the internet.

Pleasant and adapted premises

Yes I know it’s a lapalissade. But not that much, you’ll see. Pleasant premises are not necessarily those seen a thousand times in reports on start-ups, no it’s a little more complicated than that. According to a TNS-Sofres survey on the French and their offices,the myth of open space is dead. 89 of those surveyed want to work in an office with a maximum of 4 people, 49 of whom are in an individual office. Given that 62 of the respondents say that their work environment has an impact on their stress levels, this will be an important criterion for your future employees.
On this point I advise you to ask the question frankly to the successful candidates to find out his preferences. Some are unable to concentrate as soon as there is someone else in the office, while others are depressed if they are alone all day.

A sincere ecological approach – zero green washing

Yes I know you knew I was going to talk about ecology at some point but it’s a reality. Ecology is the first provider of meaning for a company. As the title suggests, while greenwashing was able to work from 2000 to 2010, today its big strings are counterproductive. Associations are in charge of uncovering acts that contradict slogans. On this point it is better to do nothing than pretend.

Now if you have implemented a sincere ecological approach, incorporate it into your values and communicate on it, talk about it during your job interviews. It’s a real asset don’t undersell it.

If you haven’t implemented anything on the subject, now is the time to think about it and take action. You can apply ecological action on your core business, but also on your internal functioning: local, administrative, travel, IT, etc.
You can also rely on third-party structures to offset your carbon emissions, in short there are plenty of solutions. Only will counts.

Supporting humanitarian projects

What better way to make sense of your business than to support humanitarian actions? Well, there’s better! Invest your employees in it. The interest will be increased tenfold: you will be able to communicate without suspicion that it is only a marketing stunt. You provide a unique opportunity for your employees to strengthen the bond with your company, to communicate on social networks and in the media with the heart. And the heart always takes it further, so why not to the heart of the talents you covet time…
And if that’s not the argument that got them to you, it’s going to be an argument to come out in an interview but by bringing it indirectly. For example, by posting it on your premises or with an exchange between your candidate and a collaborator involved in this project. He will then speak to him with passion, passion that your future employee will unconsciously associate with your company.
If you want to know how to integrate humanitarian into your company I recommend this article of the express that presents all possible solutions.

Promoting new forms of work

Offering your candidate a panel of work organizations is to show an open mind and modernity that portends to your future recruit that she will be able to flourish at every stage of his life. Here are the steps you can take to make your business the most attractive of all:
Telework: Being able to work from home when a child is sick, or during a transport strike is comforting.
Part-time: To be able to work at 80 for a few years to combine work and family life.
Inter-service projects: Working in a silo is necessary to structure energies but to provide for periods in the year when one changes colleagues, point of view, manager, constraints is stimulating and allows to break the routine. To do this, you can set up working groups made up of people from different departments who will be responsible either for a new project or to rethink an existing but perfectable organisation.

I am not going to tell you that all of these measures can be adopted overnight, but the most important thing is to start the process and communicate about the actions that have been done and are being done. Your company will thus optimize all its sex appeal for those who today are in a position of strength: your future talents.

JulieHR Manager
I specialize in human resources, but I am also interested in everything that is corporate organization. I am also said to be a fine psychologist, but I am not the one who says it.