Docage the French alternative to Docusign

You are hesitant about choosing your digital trust platform. You know or use the American platform Docusign but you are looking for a 100% French solution. Docage is the ideal alternative to Docusign with a French team based in Normandy to accompany you commercially and technically. With Docage it is the assurance that your data is hosted in France.

Docage Signature the French alternative to Docusign

The benefits of Docage against Docusign

A simple interface and quick grip

Signing a document electronically with Docage is as simple as sending an email. In less than a minute you can send your first document to sign. But the true power of Docage will be revealed when you use the models that will automate all your settings.

Increased security

An electronic signature offers more security than a hand-signed document. Once signed your document includes electronic certificates for each signatory and a qualified eIDAS time stamp. The document is thus sealed preventing any further changes. An evidence file accompanies it, all of which is archived for 10 years.

The consent platform with an unrivalled value for money

At 0.75 euros you benefit from a unique offer that includes everything you may need: consent paths, electronic signature certificates, qualified time stamping and archiving for 10 years! Compared to the 4.70 euros of signature management by email, or 9.60 euros of signature management by mail, the return on investment is immediate and unmatched. Knowing that the 0.75 euros are debited only if you sign your document, otherwise it’s free.

If you have any doubts about Docage’s financial interest, you can calculate your rate live. See the savings and revenue you can generate with our fare simulator.

Features that fit your documents

Not only does our electronic consent platform allow you to sign your documents electronically, but you also benefit from exclusive features such as:

  • Automatic email raises from signatories that increase the rate of signatures.
  • The batch generation of your transactions that allows you to generate several thousand transactions in a single transaction.
  • The archiving of your transactions and their evidence file for 10 years.

Try Docage Signature free lying free of charge or contact us today if you have any questions or to be guided when you start up.

Une interface moderne et conviviale

La nouvelle interface de Docage est le fruit de 5 ans de collaboration avec nos clients, notre interface est aujourd’hui une référence en matière d’ergonomie pour satisfaire à la fois les nouveaux adeptes de la signature électronique et nos utilisateurs les plus exigeants sur les fonctionnalités.

Des fonctionnalités pour tous les cas d’usage

Main tenant un coffre fort

Sécurité et légalité

Main tenant un stylo pour signer

Gestion de documents

Main tenant une horloge


Main tenant un hashtag


Main tenant un drapeau


Main tenant une pièce de puzzle


You too have just found the French alternative to Docusign

We hope that, like many French companies, we have convinced you to choose Docage to have your documents signed. Electronic signature is a structuring function of your business, choosing a partner who makes the relationship with its customers its priority ensures that you can talk directly with us about your expectations, your questions and your satisfaction. Contact us now.