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Get everything signed with Docage!

Your signatories sign with dual email/SMS authentication
Docage adds an electronic signature on behalf of the signatory and an eIDAS qualified time stamp to your document.
It’s simple, fast and legal!

C'est simple

The signatory only needs his smartphone to sign.

C'est rapide

No physical exchange, the signature is instantaneous.

C'est légal

Your documents signed, certified and time-stamped with Docage have recognized legal value in Europe and the United States.

User Electronic Signature Docage

Docage’s electronic signature changes everything in your business

Processing handwritten signatures costs you dearly without you being aware of it, it is once the electronic signature is adopted that companies realize the savings and time freed up by this time-consuming task.

User Electronic Signature Docage

Plus 38 % de documents signés

The average increase for a remote signature is between 15 and 38%

Temps de traitement divisé par 10

No more prints, scans, raises, archiving. Imagine all the much more interesting things you’ll be able to do with this free time

Une sécurité juridique complète

Your documents signed, certified and time-stamped with Docage have recognized legal value in Europe and the United States.

  • A processing time divided by 10

  • Plus 38% of signed documents

  • Less ink and paper

  • No more paper archives for the originals

  • Originals still available

  • Complete security

Une interface moderne et conviviale

Fruit de 3 ans de collaboration avec nos clients, notre interface est aujourd’hui une référence en matière d’ergonomie pour satisfaire à la fois les nouveaux adeptes de la signature électronique et nos utilisateurs les plus exigeants sur les fonctionnalités.

Des fonctionnalités puissantes pour tous les cas d’usage

Signature électronique économies

Sécurité et légalité

Signature électronique économies

Gestion de documents

  • Editeur de documents

  • Fusion de champs dynamiques

  • Fusion des champs de formulaires

  • Insertion de signatures visuelles

Signature numérique rapide


Signature numérique personnalisable


Signature numérique organisée


Signature numérique api


$0.75 an all-inclusive rate

Calculate your fare and savings

Find out in our simulator the number of documents, signatories and Docage users and find out what savings await you.

Online simulator
Electronic signature savings
  • EIDAS Qualified Time Stamp

  • 10-year archiving

  • Systematic evidence file

  • Multi-documents (with or without fusion)

  • Visual signatures

  • Unlimited transaction models

  • Automatic raises

  • Personalizing emails

  • Unlimited contacts

  • Sending transactions per batch

  • Personalizing the SMTP server

  • Document editor

  • Information collection forms

  • Dynamic fields

  • Custom fields

  • Choosing the order of the signatories

  • Access to the Unlimited Docage API

  • Webhooks

  • Unlimited phone support

  • Chat support in France

Digital Century Electronic Signature

“The ease is there and one wonders why the quotes for example are not all signed with this technology as Docage seems to have simplified it to the extreme.”

Logo USA Today

Explosion of electronic signature in France due to Coronavirus […] one of the main French esignature players , Docage, has grown by 400 in the last 2 months.

Generation-nt electronic signature

“This solution is an exponential success with salespeople who see their signature rate increase significantly after its adoption.”

Man who saves time thanks to Docage

Go even faster with the models

A model already contains the fixed signatories, the document is pre-selected, the visual signature locations are already in place, you only have to inform dynamic members (those who are not predictable in a model) and send!

Yes it is possible with our API!

Everything is automatable with our API

Once Docage is integrated into your software or website with our API, everything is automated. Creating contacts, transactions, downloading signed documents, will be a click away for your users. Proof by example with this integration of Docage into EBP software.

Man taking off thanks to Docage
Enter the Docage API immediately

The electronic signature
explained in 2 minutes

Understand the electronic signature in 2 minutes

2 minutes to understand the electronic signature Here we go! In 2 minutes you will understand everything about the electronic signature. It has a legal value recognized throughout Europe since 2017 by the eIDAS regulation. This regulation distinguishes between 3 levels of signature, all of which have legal value but are more or less strong. Therefore, you have to choose the right one based on the size of the documents. The simple signature: How do I recognize it? It is the equivalent of a handwritten signature without identity checks. A digital element identifying the signatory without security is attached

Cases of use of a signature platform

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